Instagram ‘Channels’ Broadcast Chat And How To Get Access

Instagram Channels new broadcast chat feature

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Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO of Meta introduced ‘Channels’ a new broadcast chat feature for creators on Instagram.

This will allow the creators to broadcast a message to their connected audience simultaneously.

For now, this feature is only available to a handful of creators in the US. Soon it will be rolled out to everyone. To get early access, you can join the waitlist.

Along with Instagram, Meta will also roll out this feature on Messenger and Facebook in the coming months.

In a broadcast message sent by Mark Zuckerburg to his followers, he said “We’re starting to roll out Instagram channels — a new broadcast chat feature. I’m starting this channel to share news and updates on all the products and tech we’re building at Meta. This will be the place I share Meta product news first.”

In another message, he mentioned, “Channels supports text, images, polls, reactions, etc, and soon will support collabs with guest appearances, AMAs, and more.”

Instagram broadcast chat feature Channels announcement by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg


Creators will be able to send texts, images, videos, voice notes, and polls to their broadcast list. It is said that more features will be added in the coming months such as adding another creator to discuss a collab or collect questions for an ‘ask me anything’ session.

When a creator sends the first broadcast message upon getting access, it will notify their followers to join the channel.

Creators will have the option to make the channel available to the public or only to a handful of paid subscribers.

Only creators can send the message while their members will be able to react to them.

Instagram creators can join the waitlist to get early access to Instagram channels by clicking here.

Audience Reaction to Instagram Channels

So far, this feature has gathered a positive reaction from the worldwide community.

Soon, creators will be able to use Instagram Channels to broadcast messages and keep their followers up-to-date with their daily activities.


  • Instagram launches a new broadcast chat feature called ‘Channels’
  • It will allow creators to broadcast messages one-to-many and keep their audience in the loop with texts, images, videos, voice notes, and polls.
  • For now, it is only available to a handful of Instagram creators in the US
  • It will also be rolled out on Facebook and Messenger in the coming months

You can read the full announcement on Instagram’s blog

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