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Instagram Account Management

Promote your business and boost organic growth on Instagram. I offer hassle-free Instagram marketing and management services so you can focus on other important business matters.

Are you looking for an experienced Instagram manager?

Hi, I am Rohit Sharma. I am an experienced Instagram manager specializing in Instagram marketing and organic growth. With my Instagram account management services, I will help you boost your Instagram organic growth, promote your content, sell products and services and grow your business using organic growth strategies. Moreover, you will get real and organic likes, followers, views, comments, reach and better engagement rate on your posts.

Our Instagram Management Services Includes

Account creation and setup

Create, setup and optimize your Instagram business account with appropriate username, bio, and profile picture

Content strategy and design

Curating, designing and scheduling content to promote your products or services and create brand awareness


Writing detailed captions providing useful information and encouraging audience to take meaningful action.

Hashtags Research

Researching high quality, engaging and targeted hashtags related to your business niche to get extra reach.

Audience engagement

Directly engaging with your target audience via likes, comments and messages to make a direct connection.

Analytics and Reporting

Keeping track of analytics and reporting monthly progress of new likes, followers, comments, reach and engagement.

Influencer Marketing

Reaching out to bloggers and influencers in your niche and getting them to promote your products on their SM channels.

Ads Management

Creating and managing ads to promote your products and services and reach a niche specific audience.

Instagram Organic Growth

With Instagram marketing and management services, I will bring real and organic growth and boost the overall performance of your Instagram page.

You will see visible growth from day 1 in terms of followers and gradual improvement in your engagement rate with organic likes, comments, views, website visits, reach and impressions.

My Instagram account management strategies are based on thorough market research and visualizing realistic goals for your brand. I will amplify your brand voice that directly communicates with your target audience and make them interact with your Instagram page.

I don’t use any kind of bots or fake engagement. It’s 100% authentic, safe and everything is done in compliance with Instagram policies.

Why hire an Instagram manager?

Not enough growth

You are tired of trying different strategies and still not getting enough engagement on posts or followers growth on your Instagram profile.

Busy in business

You are busy in the other important day-to-day tasks of your business and don’t get enough time to manage your Instagram page.

Advanced strategies

You are ready to hire an Instagram manager who can grow your page organically using advanced growth strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your Instagram growth will be real and organic. I don’t use tools, bots or software of any kind. I only use authentic and organic growth strategies and target real accounts that are active on Instagram.

Because of organic nature of growth it is not possible for me to guarantee a definite number of followers. Though, you can trust me that all the followers you receive will be inclined towards engaging with your content, products, or services.

Yes, your Instagram credentials would be required to manage your page(s). Your account’s safety, security, and growth is my top priority and you can trust me in that matter.

My result oriented Instagram management packages starts from $749 per month. Although, it depends on your requirements, goals and target you want to achieve.

Please share your contact details above to get an estimate cost for Instagram management services. I will reach you via call as soon as possible.

No, I don’t use VPN or any proxy network to manage Instagram pages.

Yes, I provide social media marketing and management services for all other leading social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube. Please reach out if you would like to hire me for full social media marketing services.

What my clients say

Shivali Bhammer
Shivali Bhammer
Read More
My Instagram page is getting a lot more engagement and growth. I would have expected the followers to grow faster based on the conversation we had but I would have to say that Rohit has put in 100% effort and I really don't doubt him on that. He is very clear, thoughtful, and helpful. Never trying to rip you off or have you throw money into things just for personal reasons. I find him honest and dependable and I trust his judgement.
Kanika Maheshwari
Kanika Maheshwari
Read More
It was nice to see Rohit work as we are working from last few months and have seen good growth on my Instagram and Facebook page. Keep up the good work.
Vedieka Dutt
Vedieka Dutt
Read More
Rohit Sharma managed my Instagram account very well. This was my first month and he gave good engagement to my posts. Loved the experience.
Shweta Rao
Shweta Rao
Read More
Rohit has been extremely professional, responsive and I have been very pleased with the service. Highly recommend anyone looking to grow their Instagram accounts organically.

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