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It’s the beginning of the new decade and getting organic traffic from Google is still a headache for many. Let me just assure you, it’s as easy as lighting a matchstick. Well, you have to do the effort of course. Nothing worth comes easy. So without wasting much time of yours, here are the best SEO Tricks that I tried myself to rank more than 200 pages at the top 10 positions on the search engine result page.

If you are not familiar with how to do SEO, check out my SEO guide for beginners first.

How to get your website to rank better?

First of all, if you have to bring the audience to your website, you have to think like the audience. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Think about what the audience wants from you. Once you analyze your audience, it’s not difficult to get your website ranked.

So what can you do to Rank a Website in Google Search?

Work on your content. Stick to your niche, create content your audience would love to engage with and which google would love to show in search results.

Keep your content descriptive and to the point. Use small paragraphs with easy language that an average user can understand. Do not try to make it too sophisticated. You do not want your audience to get fed up searching the dictionary and eventually leave your website.

Keep it simple, catchy, and understandable for both your audience and Google crawlers. But that’s just not it!

What other SEO tricks you can use to rank your website?

What does the user want when they search for something on Google? Think about this. Whenever a user searches for any query on Google, they want answers to it.

If your webpage has the answer to their query, google will gladly show your page on top of their search results.

So what you should do to get your Website in the Top 10 Search Results?

Do reverse engineering.

If anyone is searching for answers, that means they are putting questions in the search box. And if your webpage has keywords related to that question or even better, the question itself! Chances of your website fetching a higher rank are pretty much in your favor.

This is so far my favorite SEO trick which helped me rank more than 200 pages in the top 30 in just 15 days.

Let me know in the comment section if this trick helped you.

What are the most important SEO tricks that can help you Rank Your Website?

This is the most important of all the SEO tricks for the best rank.

You know that in order to get your webpage ranked, you have to get your webpage crawled by Google crawlers. And as much as I can say, Google crawlers hate to read a website with unnecessary coding.

This not just prevents the crawlers from reading your website properly but also hurts the overall user experience on your website which you never want.

Everything you need to do to get on the top 5 search results in Google

If you have basic knowledge of HTML, you can edit the HTML version of your website and remove the unwanted and unnecessary coding from there.

It works on a simple principle. The easier it is for Google crawlers to crawl your page, the faster your page will get indexed, and the higher your page will rank.

Little things to keep in mind to get your website rank higher in Google search results:

  1. Always post relevant content. Do not post just anything to rank your website. Pick up a niche and work on it.
  2. Use minimal coding on your page. Keep your website easy to read and understand for both users and robots. Remove all unwanted elements and sort out important ones.
  3. You can use free SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or Rank Math. It will let you know what improvements you might need to improve your on-page SEO.
  4. Looks matter. Make sure your website is good-looking. Use a nice theme that is not too heavy on the coding front but also not very nasty on the design end.
  5. Always do keyword research. Look out at your competitors and what keywords they are ranking for.
  6. Use internal linking. Do not let the user bounce back. Give them chance to explore one or two more pages on your website that they might be interested in reading using internal links.
  7. Optimize your webpage for mobile. The world is on mobile these days and if your website is not mobile-ready, you are missing out on big website traffic opportunities.
  8. Improve page load speed by leveraging browser cache and minifying HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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Summary of SEO tricks you should try to get your website to rank on top

  1. Write impactful content with catchy phrases. Avoid writing irrelevant things that might make users exit your website.
  2. Use questions as your headings and sub-headings followed by relevant answers. There is a high chance that this trick can make your website rank higher.
  3. Remove unwanted codes from your webpage. Put up a clean experience for crawlers to read your website.
  4. Improve page load speed. Implement browser caching. Minify HTML, CSS, and Javascript to improve your page speed score.

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Try these best SEO practices and get your website to rank higher on Google. I tested these tricks myself and got more than 200 pages in the top 30 for one of my client’s websites.

You should definitely try these 3 Easy SEO Tricks and do let me know how they worked for you.

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