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The truth of the Instagram world is that your influence is measured by how many followers you have on Instagram? Are they real? Is your account verified? What is your engagement rate? And so many other factors.

Today, Instagram is the most popular social media platform with over 1 Billion active audiences and increasing each day. But guess what, it’s not the same as it used to be.

Instagram is evolving every day with new algorithm updates. With each update, you might have noticed that the engagement rate is dropping and you are not getting as many followers as you used to.

Guess what? “How to get Instagram followers” is searched nearly 20000 times on google.

On the bright side, you are not alone facing the followers drop issue.

But what you should do to get more followers on your page? Using hashtags, mass liking pictures, follow/unfollow strategies doesn’t guarantee you big results. They are good to some extent. But eventually, you have to think beyond that.

How to increase real and engaging Instagram followers for free?

Here are instant fixes and tried and tested strategies to get 1000+ real followers on Instagram every month. No, you don’t need any tool, bots, or software, or even follow-unfollow pages to get more Instagram followers. Just a well-planned Instagram growth strategy.

Produce viral content to get Instagram followers

This may seem like a cliche term but it will never be a cliche to say that CONTENT IS KING. If you are producing good and viral content that your audience relates with, the chances of your content reaching out to more people increase by multiple folds. That means more exposure and more likes, comments, and followers on your page.

If you produce good content, Instagram rewards you by trending your posts on hashtags and explore page. Eventually making your content so viral that you start getting organic reach and engagement from the audience who never knew you existed.

Know how I generated 200k+ impressions from Instagram explore page.

To get more exposure on Instagram, you should start working on producing better and more engaging content that your audience relates to and can engage, save, and share your posts with others.

Usually, meme pages have better engagement and growth rates compared to others. It’s because of the simple factor that their content is so relatable to most of their audience. And they don’t mind sharing it with others.

Even on my Instagram page @loudspeakerspeak, I get nearly 300 shares on a post that my followers relate to the most. This is the thing that adds to the virality factor of an Instagram post.

Instagram likes comments and organic followers

Focus on producing more engagement-worthy content to gain more Instagram followers.

Get interesting caption ideas for posts.

Engage with your target audience

If you are reading this article, chances are that your audience size is not too big right now or you are not very happy with what you have.

Truth is, most of your target audience doesn’t know that you exist and they don’t care.

So the first thing you should do is to make them aware of your existence by reaching to them first.

Simply head over to their profile, like one or two of their Instagram post, comment if you like, give them a follow, or shoot them a DM or an email telling them about yourself and why they should follow you.

While the last point seems to be a bit extreme, you can and must try other techniques to reach your target audience. That is how you create awareness and increase your visibility in the ever-changing social media market.

If that person notices you on their notifications list, they might want to visit your profile. And if they like your content, you will get a new Instagram follower.

But remember that you operate within Instagram limits. Otherwise, Instagram will restrict your actions. You can like a maximum of 60 posts per hour. You can post a maximum of 150 comments per day, taking that you are not spamming.

Next, start interacting with people who connect with you. Reply to their comments, send a message, or appreciate them for their content. Try to create a personal connection if possible.

In the words of GarryV:

Even if you gain 5000 followers a day on Instagram. But if you don’t take the time to say “Hello” to one random follower. That’s only gonna last for so long.

Garry Vaynerchuk

So start engaging with your target audience to get more Instagram followers.

Reach out using followers targeted Instagram ads

While it is easy to interact with people having a public profile, you need to find a way to somehow reach your target audience with private profiles.

Even if you go send follow requests to these private accounts, remember that Instagram’s limit to follow people is 200 follows a day and 30 follows an hour.

This makes ads the most efficient way to reach private accounts.

Run an Instagram ad campaign targeting your niche and Instagram will show your profile to people who are more likely to engage with your content.

The benefit of using ads is that you get a very specific and targeted audience of your choice. You can target people based on their gender, location, age, interests via Instagram ads.

If you want more control over choosing your target audience, you might want to try out Facebook ads manager. It’s a little complicated at first and you might feel overwhelmed easily but once you figure it out, you will realize that it’s a much better tool as compared to promoting your posts via Instagram.

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Cross-promote your Instagram page

If you are using multiple social media platforms and have a loyal audience connected with you, you can cross-promote your Instagram page and tell your audience to also follow you on Instagram.

You can place a link to your Instagram profile and direct your followers and subscribers to your Instagram page.

There are high chances that they will follow you on Instagram as well.

These are the strategies you can use to attract 250+ real and targeted Instagram followers every day and increase your influence on the social media platform.

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What not to do to increase Instagram followers?

  1. Do not buy fake likes or followers at cheap prices just to increase your count. They do more harm and no good. Bot accounts bring down your active engagement rate and make your account look dead.
  2. Don’t use bots, tools, automation software, or app to increase Instagram followers. The Instagram algorithm is smart and they will restrict your account from exploiting their resources using prohibited tools.
  3. Do not spam. Respect the Instagram limits and function under the radar. Slow growth is still better than no growth at all.
  4. Avoid participating in engagement pods and followers loops. Instagram tracks every activity and every click you do on the platform. They know how you are getting those likes and comments on your posts.

Instagram is a great platform and you can actually make it work in your favor. You can build a community of thousands of Instagram followers by staying genuine, following a strategical Instagram growth plan, and operating in compliance with Instagram policies.

You will see the change in your Instagram performance and eventually your real Instagram followers will grow.

Read how to optimize your Instagram profile to attract more profile visitors.

If you have any queries, let me know in the comments below.

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