Optimizing Instagram Profile To Make It Look Attractive

Make Instagram profile attractive

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How much thought do you put in to optimize your Instagram profile? Do you like to make your page look aesthetically pleasing for your profile visitors?

In 2021, everything is about providing a better user experience. Whether it’s your business or Instagram page, good looks certainly attract more visibility on Instagram.

To give your profile visitors the best experience, start with optimizing the small elements on your Instagram page.

Optimizing your Instagram profile creates a trust factor between your brand and your audience. This also makes sure that they keep engaging with your Instagram page frequently.

Some may call it Instagram SEO. After all, it increases your discoverability on Instagram and helps you reach more target audience.

How to optimize Instagram profile?

To make your brand look more authoritative on Instagram, start with crossing out these little things from your optimization checklist.

Choose a good Instagram username

Ideas to Optimize Instagram username

A good username is a sign of good branding.

Pick a username that is short and easy to remember. It will be good if it signifies both your brand and your niche.

After all, your audience is gonna remember you by your username mostly.

Eventually, your Instagram username should be something that could represent your brand.

Some of the good Instagram username ideas are npdigital, garyvee, loudspeakerspeak (Yes I did that!)

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Use compelling Profile Name

Instagram profile name

In your profile name, you should include your brand name and a well-searched keyword related to your niche.

Instagram introduced keyword search recently on their platform.

If your profile name contains a most searched keyword, your profile appear in the search results.

Above that, it tells visitors what your page is about and the kind of products and services you are offering.

There’s a 30 characters limit in Instagram profile name. Make sure you fit everything in that.

Its one of the important step to optimize your Instagram profile.

Put an attractive profile picture

Attractive Instagram profile picture

Having a profile picture is a must on Instagram.

If yours is a business page, put your brand logo as your profile picture. Make sure it’s clearly visible.

If your Instagram page is more of a personal brand or page, use your own picture as your DP.

People are more attracted to picture with a face. You can make some edits and make it look aesthetically appealing.

Write short bio for your Instagram business page

Instagram bio ideas

Your Instagram bio does most of the work for you if it’s written properly.

Instagram bio has a 150 character limit. It should be short, clear, and concise and fit your business objectives right in.

Your bio should tell your visitors about your page. It should list your products and services, your skills and encourage your visitors to take some action.

Having a call to action is a must in Instagram bio.

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Optimize Instagram profile Highlights

Instagram story highlights

Instagram Highlights are a great way to present your business page visually.

Unlike stories which disappear in 24 hours, Instagram highlights stay on the top of your business page permanently.

You can use Instagram highlights to showcase the different aspects of your business.

There are so many things you can include on Instagram highlights.

You can publish elaborated information about your products and services. Show some past clients you have worked with along with testimonials, projects, and achievements. Moreover, you can include portfolios of your team members or add some BTS actions.

Make your Instagram story highlights more attractive by adding covers relevant to your brand. It gives a very creative and artistic look to your Instagram page.

Design an Aesthetic Instagram Feed

Choosing a feed design can make your Instagram profile look more pleasing to your profile visitors.

You can choose from various themes, patters, designs, colour schemes etc.

Personally, I prefer to go with color palettes. I find it a little stressful to maintain patterns in long run. You can pick according to your preference.

There are so many templates available online to choose from for the design of your Instagram posts.

Optimizing these little things can make a significant difference in your Instagram visibility.

It can make your Instagram profile always stay on top and can be discovered easily by your target audience.

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