Google January 2020 Core Update: How It Will Affect Your Search Rankings

Google January 2020 Core Update

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The roller coaster ride of 2020 has just started for all the webmasters. Recently, Google announced to roll out an algorithm update called “January 2020 Core Update” and you can see major changes in search results rankings.

To know about it, it is not a niche-based update. It will be implemented to all websites imminently.

What is Google’s January 2020 Core Update?

Understanding the update analogically, imagine you created a playlist of your favorite songs in 2012 and sorted them on the basis of most favorite to least favorite.

Now, till the time 2020 comes, there must be many replacements. Many new were added and some got moved out while few were ranked down. Similar is the case with January 2020 Core Update.

As per the algorithm update, priority will be given to fresh and quality content over obsolete content and will be ranked first.

However, Google was clear regarding the analogy that it doesn’t mean the old content is not worthy or there is something wrong with it. It’s just that the new content deserves to be seen as well.

It is like bringing chronology in the order of the search ranking system.

How the new Algorithm Update will affect your rankings?

If you don’t continuously update your content or post something new, chances are your website will slide down in the ranking system.

Moreover, in the coming days, you will be noticing many shuffles in the rankings of your website.

You can expect many noticeable changes, such as drop or gain in rankings for your old content.

So far, 2019 has seen four algorithm updates from google. This is the first update for the year 2020 after the Google November 2019 Update.

What you can do to rank better?

Keep your rankings at check for the coming days and make changes accordingly to provide a more comprehensive solution. You can update your old content with the latest information to rank better.

Google on recommending to webmasters said, “We suggest focusing on ensuring you’re offering the best content you can.”

Apart from that, you can try these SEO tips & tricks to rank your website on search results:

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