Tried & Tested Strategies To Get More Instagram Story Views

Tips to get more Instagram story views for free

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I am sure you want to learn how you can increase your Instagram story views all organically.

Instagram story is an amazing feature to show visual content and upload snippets of your daily life. It’s a great way to keep your audience engaged with your brand.

But not getting enough story views on Instagram, especially when you have thousands of followers kinda hurts.

I will tell you how to increase your Instagram story views organically, but before that let’s have a quick overview of Instagram stories.

A little bit about Instagram stories

Instagram launched Stories in August 2016. Since then, It has been very common among content creators and brands to market their content and products.

A story will be visible to the public on the platform for 24 hours and it disappears after that. Users can add elements like swipe-up links, polls, stickers, questions, music, etc. to make their Instagram story more interactive.

But with the launch of other products like IGTV and now Instagram Reels, traction on Stories has been decreasing over time.

I’ve been testing various strategies on how to revive story views on Instagram which I’ll be sharing with you.

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How to get more views on Instagram stories?

The trick behind getting more IG story views is to get people to spend more time watching and interacting with your stories.

This signals to the Instagram algorithm that your story is worth watching and the algorithm makes it visible to more of your active followers.

Try these tips to get more story views on Instagram for free:

Make your Instagram stories interactive by using polls, stickers, and quizzes.

In testing various strategies, I have found that interactive stories perform better than normal stories.

Stories with stickers, polls, questions, and quizzes get more traction as compared to normal stories.

That is one thing to try. Ask your followers simple questions for which they don’t have to think much before answering.

Something like:

Don’t overcomplicate it for your followers. No one wants to waste that much time thinking for nothing.

Post long text with a small font size

Be the storyteller and tell your story in the form of long text. Make the font size small just so it will be visible.

The whole idea behind this strategy is to make people spend more time on stories.

People love to read short stories. Something that inspires them or gossip in general. You can leverage this strategy to get more story views on your Instagram story.

This might seem stupid at first but if it works, it’s not stupid!

Make sure the text is not too small for the people to read.

Did you know about Instagram alt text?

Make Instagram stories relatable and sharable to get more views

Just like posts, stories can be shared too!

Post more content that is relatable to your audience and they would love to share it with others.

Some ideas for sharable stories are memes, inspirational quotes, exotic destinations, aesthetic looks, tips, tricks, etc.

Figure out what your audience loves the most and share more of that content.

This will help you get more followers as well.

Don’t share underperforming Instagram posts on stories

The first thing people do is share their post on the story with a new post sticker.

I have seen many creators and bloggers doing this. That this might help them get more engagement on their posts.

There is a reason why that post is underperforming. Your audience didn’t find it relatable enough.

If that post didn’t get enough traction on the feed, it won’t get you more engagement from the story as well. Somehow, it might hurt your story views because people will be skipping it!

Instead, share bloopers or behind the scenes and link it with the original post. That might help you get some quality engagement on your post and more views on your IG story.

Overall, these are some easy and actionable strategies that helped me get more story views on my Instagram page @loudspeakerspeak

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Disclaimer: All the data shown in the pictures above is real and organic and is not subjected to being used by anyone for commercial purposes without permission.

If you have anything to ask or you would like to add anything then comment below.

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