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Promoting business on social media

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With the rise of social media and the internet, people are now more connected than ever before. Brands are no longer just relying on traditional advertising to reach their customers – they have a voice and actively promoting their business on social media.

This can be seen by the fact that over 80% of brands have a Facebook page and over 50% have a Twitter account.

The importance of promoting a business on social media cannot be understated. The way that a company presents itself on social media will either bring them more business or drive customers away.

Why is it Important to Promote Business on Social Media?

Social media has become an essential tool for business growth. It is not only an effective way of reaching out to current and potential customers but also a good way of getting feedback from them.

In the past, businesses would focus on marketing through newspapers, TV, and radio.

Nowadays, there are many more channels to reach out to potential customers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the most popular social media sites that businesses use to promote their products or services.

Social media is also a great way for businesses to grow their followers’ base as well as their brand awareness.

How to promote your business on social media?

There are primarily two ways to promote businesses on social media:

  1. Organic marketing
  2. Paid marketing

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing or organic promotion is a medium of promoting a business on digital platforms without spending money. It is a natural form of digital marketing where you let your audience interact with your content without forcing it on them.

Organic marketing channels include promoting content via blogs, social media, and emails, and using strategies like SEO, SMO, and content marketing.

It has its list of pros and cons. Pros being you don’t have to spend too much money and with consistent efforts, you get high-quality results for your business. Cons are your efforts are at the mercy of social media algorithms. It is very time-consuming and you may or may not get the desired results.

It takes a very high level of creativity and strategic planning to get results from the organic medium. Most importantly, it requires having a great psychological understanding of your target audience.

Contrary to organic, paid marketing or paid promotion is promoting your business online by spending money to put your brand in front of an audience. You pay the platforms to show your content on top of results and passively force your audience to notice your brand.

There are different channels for paid marketing like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Tik-Tok Ads, and many other advertising networks.

Paid marketing has more pros and fewer cons as compared to its counterpart Organic marketing.

Pros being, you get instant results for each penny you spend on ads. You can reach a specific target audience of your choice anywhere in the world and promote your business or services to them. It is very time-efficient. Cons are that you will need a huge capital to start using paid marketing for your business.

Building a strong brand on social media

To build a strong brand on social media, you need to understand the basics.

It’s not enough to just be present on social media and post regularly. The key to building a strong brand is a well-planned social media marketing strategy and implementing it to market your business.

Choosing the right social media platform

Every social media platform caters to a different kind of audience and it is so important to find the right platform to promote your business.

E.g., if your business works on the B2B model, Linkedin is the right platform for you. It is a social media network for professionals and everyone is more inclined to discuss work and business. It makes more sense to promote your B2B services on Linkedin.

For B2C or D2C model, Facebook, Tik-Tok, and Instagram are great bets as they have a huge audience who will be ready to purchase from you if you market properly.

Choosing the right social media platform to promote your business can prove to be a game-changing strategy.

Identifying your Audience

The next step in promoting your business on social media would be to identify your target audience.

It is so important to find the right audience to promote your business or services. Without it, it is straight away impossible to find success with your business.

Some questions that can help you find your target audience are:

  • What kind of audience do you want to serve?
  • Where they are from?
  • What should be the age group?
  • What are their common interests?
  • Where can you find them?
  • How can you reach them?

Identifying the right audience and choosing social media platforms to promote your business go side by side.

Creating business pages

Next, you should be establishing your presence on all the chosen social media platforms.

Sign up for the social media platforms to create your business page. Optimize your pages to look authentic. It must look like it officially represents your business.

Choose a good username, add your official business logo, write your bio or about section and add a link to your website.

Your social media pages will officially represent your business so be mindful of it.

Prepare content strategy, designs, and publish

After you finish setting up your pages, it’s time to work on the content strategy for your social media.

Decide the frequency of content you will be posting in a week. Mark the days when you are going to post.

Plan out the formats of content that you will be publishing throughout the month. You can choose from static posts, carousels, reels, stories, and long videos.

Prepare a content calendar with information about what to post on which day. It will include the content format, content topic, caption, and hashtags.

Introduce different content pillars in your content marketing strategy.

Work on producing the content and start publishing according to the content calendar.

Keep your content inclined to your niche to get better traction from the audience.

Optimize your marketing strategy

Optimizing your campaigns is the key to building a successful brand on social media.

Analyze what is working for your business and what is not.

Check out the analytics and see what kind of audience is interacting with your page. Are they your ideal audience? If not, make the optimal changes to your content marketing and targeting strategy.

Promoting your business on social media only gets better with time. Keep optimizing your campaigns to get the best results for your business.


Once you find the winning strategy for your business, it’s time to scale.

Take advantage of paid marketing. Run ads to reach out to more people who might be interested in your services.

With ads, you can target a specific group of people based on location, gender, age, interests, etc.

Scaling your social media marketing can bring back results multifold.

Benefits of promoting a business on social media

Social media has become a major marketing channel for businesses. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to find potential customers.

It can be used to promote your business, increase sales, and create brand awareness.

There are various benefits of promoting a business on social media:

More visibility

By promoting your business on social media, you get more eyes on your business.

Everyone is present on social media and putting your business in front of them can only be beneficial for you.

Find customers

Social media is a great medium to find new customers and keep the existing ones connected with your brand.

You can keep your customers updated with new offers, events, product launches, services, etc.

It builds you build trust and authority amongst your customers.

Collect feedback

Social media is an open channel to hear what your customers have to say about your brand and get their feedback. Your customers can directly interact with you and present their views.

Based on the feedback from your customers, you can make changes to your products or services to deliver a better customer experience.

Happy customers always translate to a successful business.

Build brand awareness

Promoting your business on social media is only good for your brand.

You can reach out to a massive number of audiences on different social media platforms and promote your brand.

Nothing is better for a business than a customer who can remember and recognize its brand.

Social media is an amazing channel to build awareness for your brand.

Engaging Audience with Visual Content on Social Media

Visual content is not just a trend. It is the way that people are consuming information.

Images and videos are two of the most popular types of content on social media and it is no surprise that they are also the most engaging.

Images can be used to illustrate a point, tell a story, or create an emotional connection with your audience. Videos can be used to demonstrate how something works or show an event in action, among other things.

Using visually compelling content with effective storytelling in your social media strategy can bring great results for your business.


Social media is the most important tool in building a strong brand for your business. It is the place where you can engage with your customers and find potential customers.

There are many benefits of using social media in your business, but there are also some drawbacks that you should keep in mind.

For example, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent social media presence if you are juggling multiple roles.

In that case, you can hire a social media manager who can understand your goals and help you promote your business using effective SMM strategies.

It is also common to feel like you’re not being authentic or productive on social media when you’re constantly scrolling through feeds and trying to come up with content for your followers.

The best way to combat these feelings is by setting realistic goals for yourself and sticking to them!

We, at Loud Speaker, offer stress-free social media marketing services to a wide array of niche businesses. You can reach out to us with your business marketing goals and we will help you achieve them with our advanced social media marketing strategies.

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