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Instagram alternative apps

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There is no doubt that Instagram is the sweetheart of social media and no alternative could match its potential that easily.

Social media has dramatically changed our lives and Instagram has a major role to play in it.

People not only use this photo-sharing app for entertainment but also for popularizing their business on Instagram.

There have been some stand-out success stories of the brands after jumping into Instagram marketing.

You can literally sell anything on Instagram with the right strategy.

The awesome feature of creating and expressing yourself via stories has been a great help to connect with your loved ones during these difficult times.

It prevents you from the uneasy feeling of being left out. You get to know about the latest trends.

Simultaneously, the Instagram reels allow you to create fun and entertaining content and showcase your talent to the world.

You can share photos, videos, and messages privately with your friends.

Usually, people need not worry about Instagram Alternative Apps.

But the times are uncertain.

You never know which application will be banned tomorrow citing security reasons.

Moreover, what if Instagram decides to disable your account without any valid reason. We all are already aware of the limiting reach and engagement situation.

If that is the case with you, you might like to read:

You might like to care about other social media apps that provide us with the same benefits and enjoyment as our favorite Instagram.

Through this article, we are going to talk about other apps like Instagram that you might like to try.

Here are few Instagram alternative apps:

1. Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest are considerably different apps.

Instagram is more about sharing pictures and videos while Pinterest is about discovering the content shared by other users.

Pinterest is like a pinboard for detecting ideas for different fields such as fashion, cooking recipes, etc.

So now the real question is,

How Pinterest is an alternative app for Instagram?

There are numerous reasons that make Pinterest a great alternative to Instagram:

  1. Pinterest uses the same concept of sharing/uploading content online to interact with one another.
  2. Pinterest is also a great application to boost your business and develop your brand identity by connecting with the audience.
  3. The lifespan of a Pinterest post is longer than on any other social media platform which provides an amazing opportunity in the long run.
  4. Pinterest also offers paid advertisements. They have several ad formats to reach their audience.
  5. The only demerit is that Pinterest promotions are not available globally.
  6. Pinterest is the best platform to generate high traffic conversions to your device.

So, the above points give us an idea of how Pinterest can be a great marketing platform for popularising business in the place of Instagram.

2. Snapchat

Talking about photo and video sharing platforms, Snapchat is an amazing American social media app.

It focuses on image sharing and visual content.

It is developed by Snap Inc. and is the fastest way to share a moment.

How is Snapchat an alternative to Instagram?

  1. Snapchat was the first-ever social media application to launch the feature of stories. One of its most famous features was later adopted by Instagram.
  2. It allows you to share anything at any time from your storage in the memories.
  3. In Snapchat, pictures and messages are available for a short time before they are inaccessible to their receivers.
  4. There are a variety of filters available on Snapchat for clicking pictures. It has the maximum number of unique filters than any other social media platform.
  5. Snapchat is a great way of keeping a check on your closed ones via snaps. Through snaps, we can easily look after their well-being.

This makes Snapchat a great alternative to Instagram.

3. Vero

Vero is an authentic social media platform that is away from advertisements, data mining, and algorithms.

It is a new way of being social online. It shares a lot of common features with Instagram.

Reasons why Vero is the best Instagram alternative:

  1. Vero is another photo and video-sharing social media app like Instagram. It lets you talk about music, movies, or books that you like or hate. 
  2. In Vero, you can set the privacy level of individual posts. If you don’t want to show something to everybody. You can choose your close friends for that specific post.
  3. Vero is an ad-free application so there is no data mining. It means no one will try to sell you irrelevant products.  
  4. There is no algorithm to worry about. You are far away from manipulation.
  5. The explore page allows you to explore popular hashtags, highlighted posts, or topics.

In easy terms, Vero is another excellent alternative to Instagram. It allows you to share, chat and interact with your favorite people.


VSCO is a photography app for iOS and Android devices.

It was developed by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze, and allows you to capture and edit photos.

Let us discuss.

Why VSCO is an alternative for Instagram?

  1. VSCO helps you to showcase your photography and editing skills. Just like Instagram, it allows you to capture, edit and share pictures.
  2. It allows artistic photographers to set up the exposure, aperture, focus, warmth, brilliance, shutter speed, etc. before taking the shot.
  3. The likes and the comments on your pictures don’t define who you are. Following this policy, it doesn’t allow the users to see the likes and comments on the pictures posted.
  4. It allows you to direct message anyone who follows you.
  5. VSCO’s minimalistic approach allows you to see multiple posts on your feed.

So, this is another photo editing app that serves as well as Instagram.

It is said to replace the social media app very soon.

5. Reddit

Reddit is a social news aggregation platform.

It allows users to discuss and vote simultaneously on the content that other users have submitted.

Just like Instagram, it is a great way of increasing business online.

Why you should consider Reddit as the Instagram alternative: 

  1. It allows users with similar interests to discuss and curate the best content on the web.
  2. On Reddit, people call their followers ‘petrol heads’. They encourage them to take part in small online games based on the product they promote, to increase interaction, and to create brand awareness.
  3. It creates a network of people with similar interests like nature, cars, cities, etc.
  4. The celebrities themselves are very active on Reddit. It breaks the wall between them and the fans, facilitating great communication between them.
  5.  It is a great platform for casual discussion, memes, fun, and especially for science-related questions.

In simple words, Reddit is a discussion-based platform that focuses more on learning and education.

6. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a new addition to the social media world and is already gaining popularity among content creators and marketers.

It is basically a live podcast form of voice chat app where people talk to each other on various topics.

There are custom rooms where people can join and listen to their favorite speakers. Even pitch in their thoughts and ideas.

Clubhouse was launched in March 2020. Paul Davison and Rohan Seth are its co-founders. It is developed by Alpha Exploration Co.

Clubhouse is available on both Android and iOS. Although you need Android 7 or above and iOS 13 or above versions to install the app.

It is available to new users on an invite-only basis. If you want to join Clubhouse you have to ask a friend to approve your application and move up the queue.

As of January 2021, the Clubhouse had three million users, and it’s growing ever since.

If you want to engage your audience with your voice, you should definitely sign up for Clubhouse. Because it seems like Clubhouse is here to stay!

7. OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a content creation platform. It allows the content creators to make money from the users who subscribe to their content.

This application was launched in 2016 and is mainly for adults.

It has a whooping community of 120 million plus users. It is free to sign up on Only Fans.

There are numerous reasons OnlyFans is a great alternative for Instagram:

  1. OnlyFans make your clients more direct in comparison with Instagram. It is a great platform to sell your content directly to your audience and make money.
  2. Since it’s a paid platform, you’ll find many engaged shoppers with a ready-to-purchase mindset. Thus, making it a great bet for eCommerce brands.
  3. It has no guidelines. You can post whatever you want. So, it is a delight for the adult content usually NSFW.
  4. It is an application for people above the age of 18 years.
  5. The demerit is that you must pay for every content you want to see. Although, there are many accounts that offer content for free as well.

So, it is a platform allowing you to earn money for each piece of content you make and post.


Instagram is ranked 6th in a survey of the most popular social networking site.

It has about 1 billion subscribers.

Engagement on Instagram is 10 times more than on Facebook.

So, you see it is hard to find an alternative for such a vast popular app.

But above social media applications still match the criterion for being Instagram alternative apps.

The features of the above application are almost the same as Instagram.

It enables the users to share their content and ideas with the world. Also, helps them to increase their creativity and interact with people of similar interests.

They have opened the doors for more marketing options.

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