How to Sell Anything on Instagram

how to sell anything on Instagram

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Trying to sell on Instagram but not making it enough? Well, the good thing is at least you are trying. You must wanna know what better you can do to get more sales on Instagram? Read on.

Instagram has become one of the most widely used social networking sites in the world. It is not only a popular photo editing or video sharing platform but it is more open to business than the other platforms.

Instagram features such as stories that live on your profile for 24 hours, Reels, and IGTV videos enable you to sell your products directly through the Instagram app for free.

It is possible to make money on Instagram even with just 500 followers if done in the right way.

Instagram’s ability to anticipate users’ needs and prioritize their trust is the reason that it is still the marketer’s favorite platform to reach out to their customers.

Let us go through the Instagram statistics:

  • There are more than 1 billion active users of Instagram worldwide.
  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand.
  • 80% say Instagram helps them to decide to buy a product or service.

So, through this data, we get to know why Instagram is considered to be the biggest marketing platform for businesses and how important it is to have your brand presence on Instagram.

Now, the real question is how you can use Instagram to sell your products and services.

What are the ways to sell on Instagram?

If Instagram is such a useful platform for marketing, there must be a different pattern that we all need to follow to popularise our product.

Well, yes. And this article is going to provide you with the best ways that will help you to sell on Instagram.

Well-defined Instagram business profile

Since more and more people are using Instagram to search for products it is very important to include the following details in your account:

  • Profile photo: Your business profile must contain the logo of your brand so that people can easily identify the product.
  • Fully described bio: Make sure to provide a clear description of your business. Mention your expertise, the services you provide, and how people can contact you.
  • Provide the link in the bio: Don’t forget to provide the link to your website or the online shop in the URL section from where the customers can directly visit your website.

Crisp and value-driven captions

Some people believe that it is very important to post every day to maximize your customers. But it is not true.

If you can post every day, it is well and good and if you cannot, you don’t need to worry.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is to nail your captions.

Try to write crisp and value-driven captions describing each and everything about the product or services that you are advertising.

Keep in mind that the customers should easily get information about it whenever they visit your feed.

Captions can encourage the consumers to interact with your brand in different ways.

Build an aesthetic Instagram feed with the objective to sell on Instagram

You must have heard that “First impression is the last impression”.

When consumers visit your profile, your feed gives them the first impression of your brand.

Consumers will want to go through your whole Instagram feed if only they think that it is worth spending their time.

So, it is very important to build an aesthetically attractive Instagram feed to attract your customers.

There are a lot of sellers on Instagram. Many are your competitors. Make sure you are better than them.

You need to create a shoppable feed.

Try to craft stunning creatives of your products or services that will grab the attention of your consumers.

There are a lot of photo editing tools that can help you design compelling creatives for your Instagram feed such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Snapseed, Polarr, etc.

Use Instagram ads to reach your target audience 

Running an Instagram ad campaign is a critical way to reach a wider audience and convert more sales.

It enables you to enhance your brand awareness and connect with new and existing customers.

After setting up your business profile, you need to decide where you want your ads to be seen and for how long you want them to run. 

Instagram has released a new feature that offers you to advertise on stories.

Your ads will pop up in between Instagram stories of the accounts your target audience is following.

So, these immersive, full-screen ads will eventually help you to popularise your products to a wider range.

Add the link to your products in your Instagram stories and people can swipe up to visit your website.

Follow potential customers and respond to their DMs and comments

It is very important to make your potential customers feel special.

If they have taken the time to respond to your post, it eventually becomes your duty to give them a decent reply to their comment.

Try to follow as many potential customers as you can and try to like and comment on their posts too.

When the notification will pop up in their timeline, they will be curious to check your account.

Endorse your products with the help of the influencers

Influencers have proven to influence a large variety of audiences on social media platforms.

People are delighted to see their Instagram feed. They have become the newest source of entertainment for everyone.

So, if you want the attention of the customers towards your product. You should establish a partnership with an Instagram influencer.

You need to have proper research before choosing the influencers for endorsing your product.

Check your target audience and see what kind of influencers they follow.

You also need to check how much the influencer charge for each endorsement. Nothing should ever go out of your budget.

Use #hashtags related to products and services you sell on Instagram

Try to use hashtags that describe your business and help you to attract the target market.

Don’t need to use a lot of hashtags. Only use hashtags that are relevant to your brand.

Try to use hashtags that might have not been used too much. So that your post doesn’t get buried under a lot of posts that usually happen when we go for the most popular hashtags.

Did you know this simple hack to increase Instagram story views for free?

Conduct polls and Giveaways

It is extremely important to know the interest of your potential customers.

By conducting polls and This or That questions, you can easily understand what they want. And then work accordingly.

Another way to grab the attention of the customers is by providing incentives such as giveaways.

You can choose the prize for your giveaway and determine the entry criteria for the contest. It will help you generate leads and increase sales from people interested in your brand.

So, these were the tips for selling on Instagram there is one more question that arises in the mind of people who want to start their own business.

Use Instagram Channels

Instagram Channels is a broadcast chat feature that allows you to message your connected audience simultaneously.

You can share texts, pictures, videos, polls, and links. It gives you the option to make your channel accessible to the public or only to a handful of paid subscribers.

There you can promote your product launch, present them with your offer, explain its benefits, give them special discounts, etc.

What are the products that you can sell on Instagram?

Well, nowadays you can sell almost everything on Instagram. From a vegetable to a designer cloth, everything can be sold on Instagram with the right strategy.

But still, Instagram’s biggest market includes beauty, health and fitness, fashion, lifestyle, business, and accessories.

These are the few ideas you can use Keep that in mind while starting an Instagram business.

Concluding the Art of selling on Instagram

By saying that, to compete for an Instagram business you need to pay attention to all the above points.

It is important to have an aesthetic feed as well as a well-described business profile enabling the consumers to identify what you offer to them.

Read more about how to optimize your Instagram profile to make people take more action.

Since Instagram keeps on changing its algorithm, try to endorse your product with the help of Instagram ads as much as possible. 

It is going to help you a lot to popularise your product.

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